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Creative Thanksgiving Flower Designs

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At Jan Channon Flowers, we love to create table designs that evoke the spirit and feel of the upcoming holiday.  So this year for Thanksgiving flowers we designed these table cubes brimming with red freedom roses, orange fall spray roses and mini pumpkins.  Order one to three of these to fill your table with the beauty and color of the holiday season.

Originating in Central America over 7,500 years ago, archaeologists discovered the oldest domesticated pumpkin seeds in the Oaxaca Highlands of Mexico. In its original form the pumpkin was a small, hard ball with a bitter taste.  The pumpkin was one of the first wild plants cultivated for human consumption in America, making it an extremely important part of our culinary history. The possibility of having access to something that could be planted, controlled and eaten meant less need for foraging and more likelihood of settling down in one place. Because of their thick and solid flesh, pumpkins could easily be stored throughout the winter and times of scarcity. Thus the pumpkin became a symbol of autumn cultivation and season.

Thanksgiving Mini-Pumpkin Cubes - Online Flowers Highland Park IL - Jan Channon Flowers

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