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Tips for Growing That White Orchid Plant

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Have you recently received a white orchid plant as a gift? Do you simply love their look in your contemplorary home? White orchids are one of the types of orchids which can be grown easily if proper care is taken. When grown properly, they will play an important role in beautifying your home, giving an elegant and lavish look. Here some are important tips and instructions on growing your white orchid plant.

Purchasing White Orchids

You should look for a good and reputable florist when you buy white orchids plants. While purchasing the plant, make sure that leaves are shiny and free from blemishes. Moreover the plant should have one or two stems having healthy buds on it. Also ensure that the pot is wide enough having a width of approximately six inches. The pot should also be filled with moss-like stuff.

Placing in Proper Light

The orchid pot should be placed in or near a window where the plant can receive indirect sunlight for five to six hours. If the leaves are light green then it means that the plant is getting the right amount of light. The dark green leaves show that the light is insufficient for healthy growth of the orchid plant. 

Watering the Plants

You should thoroughly water the plant keeping in mind that water runs through the pot. Before watering the plant again, make sure that the soil has dried. When white orchids are in full bloom or the weather gets warmer, these plants must be watered frequently. White orchids also require that there should be air holes around its roots so you should place the pot in a tray filled with water and having stones in the bottom. It will help to create a moist environment for your orchid plants.


White orchids need to be fertilized at least once a week. All you need to do is to buy the orchid food and after reading the instructions given on the container, add to the plants. Remember that the fertilizers are always given to the plants after mixing them with water. They are not directly mixed in soil.


After the flowers have stopped blooming, the plants should be trimmed. Trim the plant before the last growing node if the plant is healthy enough but if it looks unhealthy, then you should cut the flower stalk completely so that the plant revitalizes before blooming again.

These were some important instructions related to the healthy growth and maintenance of white orchids. Follow these and have beautiful white orchid flowers in your home.

White Orchid Plant

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